Theatre Exile's Board Challenges YOU!

Mon, 05/18/2015

Throughout this season Theatre Exile's Board of Directors will match any new and increased gift! 

This season you have a unique opportunity to double your impact. Our Board of Directors have challenged you to increase your annual giving and they will match the increased portion of your donation! Board president, Reuben Wade wants you to know why this campaign is important to him: 


Dear Friends,

My theatre experiences are the highlights of each year. That’s why I am delighted to support theatre in Philadelphia. I am especially honored to be a member of, and humbled as I work with, Theatre Exile’s very dedicated, smart, attractive and pretty darn cool board of directors. This is a group of people who are joyfully committed to supporting the work of the artists who, year after year, create productions that are bright spots clearly visible even against the brilliant background of excellence in our theater community.

Theatre Exile has proven to be a place where local artists can take their biggest risks, where challenging scripts are matched with Philadelphia’s top talent. The stories that Exile brings to audiences demand that the actors live in a moment of truth, despite the peril and vulnerability that such honesty demands.

What Exile does is important and we know that you think so too. That’s why you have given us the most critical support: attendance at our performances. You also have given us funds over and above the ticket price. You have done so because you know that, without the generosity of our many friends and of foundations, we could not possibly keep our ticket prices affordable.

I am incredibly proud to tell you that this board of directors has, this year, pledged twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000) above our usual giving as a dollar for dollar matching gift. With your support we can raise a combined fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) more this year, which will help to sustain us in future years.

Please know that you are Theatre Exile; you are family; and we cannot do it without you.


Reuben Wade"