Playwright Samuel D. Hunter wins MacArthur 'genius grant'

Tue, 09/23/2014

Samuel D. Hunter, The Whale, receives MacArthur Genius Grant

"Samuel D. Hunter is a playwright who crafts moving portraits of unlikely protagonists and explores the human capacity for empathy through the prism of his characters’ struggles. Born and raised in a small Idaho town, he sets much of his work in his native region, within the nondescript confines of staff break rooms, cramped apartments, and retirement homes inhabited by ordinary people in search of more meaningful human connections. Despite the stark realism of his settings, Hunter leavens his plays with humor and compassion for the lives he depicts, while juxtaposing the banal circumstances of his characters with literary allusions and larger themes of faith and doubt." 

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Don't miss The Whale at Studio X, February 5 - March 1

Directed by Matt Pfeiffer

Featuring Scott Greer, Amanda Grove, Campbell M O'Hare and Trevor William Fayle