Life in Exile- by Robert DaPonte

Thu, 02/24/2011

2nd week of rehearsal begins. I always feel that the 2nd week can be the toughest in that all of your choices that seemed so fresh and spontaneous (after the first read and first week of rehearsals) have to be refined, developed, taken further. The cast now speaks with their full Irish accents as soon as they see each other and enter the Exile space. Certainly we still have a way to go before we are at performance level with them (mine definitely needs a lot of work) but the level of comfort communicating casually with each other in character is clear. At the same time the richness of the ensemble comes through as we see how each different actor approaches their separate obstacles in the play. Not always separate; Donny and Davey certainly are both at least attempting to work together a good amount of the time to try and save their own skins. Matt has done a pretty tremendous job in casting when you can feel the different personalities and energies that are feeding this mad story. So far we have moved fast and furious in attacking the play: up on our feet, blocking, moving, trying different things. It also feels as if the entire cast (especially the core four characters) have a voracious desire to continue working with one another, either before or after the rehearsals are in progress. The story is filled with so much laughter and violence that it seems to become quite addictive at times. That added to the strong family connections (father and son, brother and sister, brother and brother) make for a tale that is quite undeniable in it's telling.

– Robert DaPonte, 'Davey'