An Interview with Playwright Jeremy Gable

Tue, 03/03/2015

An Interview with Studio X-hibition Playwright, Jeremy Gable

On March 9th, 2015 our first installment of Studio X-hibition, New Play Development will take place in Studio X with a new play by Jeremy Gable, D-Pad

We sat down with Jeremy Gable and asked him a few questions in anticipation of the premiere of his new play: 


Can you describe this play in one sentence?
A wunderkind video game developer attempts to self-produce her first indie game, and finds herself a lone warrior fighting a battle to make something important.
What importance do you believe video games have in our society?
On the surface, video games are the most immersive form of art and entertainment that we have. Much like how a great novel pulls you into its world, a game does the same thing, but with the added element of being able to affect the outcome. A great game steadies your nerves, sharpens your focus, and wraps you up in an experience like no other.
More than that, however, a video game can shed light on stories outside your realm of experience in ways that no other piece of art or entertainment can. I've played a game that simulates what clinical depression feels like. I've played a game that highlights the struggles that a transgender person goes through. I've played a game that shows the difficulties of trying to survive in a war-torn area. These were all designed by people who had lived through those experiences. And rather than simply showing or telling, that interactivity let me feel what they had gone through. I was given a chance to walk a digital mile in their shoes. A great game can help you look at the world from a different point of view.
Who is your favorite video game developer?
Oh, man, just one? Because there's Shigeru Miyamoto (Mario/Zelda), and Kim Swift (Portal), and Jonathan Blow (Braid), and Tim Schafer (Monkey Island/Grim Fandango), and Sean Vanaman (The Walking Dead), and...
Okay, if I can only choose one, I'll probably go with Yoshio Sakamoto, who is the director and designer for many of the games in the Metroid franchise. Much like the protagonist of D-Pad, I'm obsessed with Metroid (playing through those games was pretty much the best dramaturgical research ever), and that's due to Sakamoto's revolutionary designs. If you haven't played aMetroid game, you need to do yourself a favor.
Can you describe your history with Theatre Exile as both an artist and an audience member?
As an audience member, that's easy. I've seen several of their shows. Boom. Done.
Seriously though, going through the past seasons, I realized that I've seen at least 15 Exile shows, not counting the Studio X-Hibition readings. It started with that awesome production of Iron with Catharine Slusar and Kim Carson back during the 2010 Fringe. I was hooked from that point forward.
As an artist, Exile read my play Bad Monster for Studio X-Hibition a couple seasons ago. It was a great experience, so I was more than happy to come back to 13th & Reed again for D-Pad.
Describe yourself in three words. 
Gregariously genial geek.
Describe your writing in three words.
Contemporary cultural concoctions.
Describe Mario of Super Mario Bros. in three words.
Persistently plucky plumber.
Name three great reasons to be alive right now. 
1). Technology is progressing in ways that are both wonderful and terrifying, and it's exciting to witness. I'm at an age where I can either reject technology or embrace it, and I've chosen to wear my Millennial badge proudly and give the cutting edge a full embrace.
2). It feels like the world is more culturally aware, more adaptive to change, than it was when I was growing up. I feel like we're sharing more, and I love to share.
3). I just found out about the "Philly Taco": A Jim's cheesesteak rolled in a Lorenzo & Sons slice of pizza. Anything is possible!
Final Thought:
I'm thrilled with the support and excitement that people have shown toward this play, and I'm beyond grateful to have a team as awesome as Matt Pfeiffer, Liz Filios, Rachel Camp, Michael Doherty, and Brian Ratcliffe to usher it into the public eye for the first time. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to return to playing Super Metroid...
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