Gettin' Hammy with Grammy

Thu, 04/25/2013

Read our own interview with playwright Bruce Graham about his interest in writing Boulevard, site specific work, and his unique process.

Bruce Graham

North of the Boulevard

Past Credits: 
At Exile? Burkie, Belmont Avenue Social Club, The Philly Fan, Any Given Monday, Hearts and Soles

Career Highlights: 
Clean criminal record. Hell, I don’t know. I just remember the lousy stuff.

Connections to Philadelphia: 
I’ve never lived more than fifteen minutes from the Philadelphia Airport. That’s either very convenient or very pathetic.

What themes or topics draw you to this piece in particular?
I hate talkin’ about this stuff. I just write about people who interest me. I think the middle/lower middle class are ignored by the theater in this country.

What are you most excited for in tackling this piece?
I am at Theatre Exile so obviously I’m in it for the money. The coolest thing was also the worst for a while – changing venues. I finally kind of convinced myself that doing a play about a garage in an actual garage would be really interesting. The best set I ever had was Exile’s for Belmont Avenue Social Club. We used an old social club. No way a set designer could copy that smell.

What is your preparation process like for this piece?
Drink beer in my cousin’s garage in Darby. (And people think playwriting is easy…)

What are some of your favorite quotes or line from the piece?
Ask me this when there’s an audience. The ones that get the biggest laughs…they’re my favorites.

What do you think Exile audiences will gain from this production?
An entertaining night in the theatre. Anything else and we charge extra.

Why do you think Exile chose to do this work right now?
Got me. I try not to think about that stuff.

Why should people come see this show? 
I need the money.

What’s the best part of your job?
Good parties and no heavy lifting. When I was single it was a great way to meet girls.

What thought runs through your mind after every performance? 
God, I hope the bar’s still open.