Audience Reaction to 'Boulevard'

Wed, 05/15/2013

Check out this incredibly resonant response from one of our patron's about what Boulevard meant to her:

"I think you sell North of the Boulevard short when you characterize it as a "hilarious, razor-sharp comedy" because it is so much more than that. It walks the line between comedy and tragedy, sometimes on one side of the line, sometimes on the other. It takes real talent (+ practice) on the part of the playwright to hit that balance which Bruce Graham does here.

Of course, it takes a good director to understand the play and enhance it with the pacing and staging that let's you savor the laughs then picks up speed so that you are so busy experiencing the action, you have less time to laugh until suddenly you are not sure it's funny any more.

Add the comic timing of an ensemble cast who gives us people we can accept and understand so that once the proposal is made we know where it comes from. Top it off with Scott Greer's face and body language as he struggles with the contradictions within himself and you have the inevitability that makes a tragedy in the best classic tradition.

Of course production design values supported all of this. I fleetingly thought I had gone through the wrong door into a garage instead of the theater, and I can't tell you exactly what the characters wore or what props they used because they were the right choices.

If it were just a "hilarious razor-sharp comedy," I wouldn't have shed a tear for Trip or gone home with a lump in my throat. I thank you all for the 3PM matinee on Sunday, May 12th."

–Elizabeth C.