Among the Dead Cast & Crew

Tue, 10/09/2018

 Bi Jean Ngo (Anna Woods)

 James Kern (Luke Woods)
I am THRILLED to be making my Exile Debut. I have many fond memories of seeing amazing work performed here, so for me to be able to work in that same space and with the same people is a real honor and treat. I went to undergraduate at the University of the Arts for Jazz Drum Performance and Temple University for acting. I am most recently returning from my three-year MFA program at the Hilberry via Wayne State University. I would also like to thank Meg, my loving and supportive wife, who supports me daily (financially and emotionally) and continues to inspire me to achieve my dreams. I would also very much like to thank my loving parents who have been my agents, my teachers and my friends. You can find me next in Canada doing a Newfoundland classic Salt Water Moon. Thank you all so much!

Claris Park (Number Four)

Cathy Simpson (Jesus)

Deborah Block (Director)

Jean Kim (Set Designer)

Ariel Wang (Costume Designer)

Drew Billiau (Lighting Designer)

Melissa Dunphy (Sound Designer)

Cat Rimirez (Assistant Director)

Stephanie Kyung-Sun Waters (Dramaturg)

Courtney Banks (Production Manager)