Knives In Hens

“Harrower's play is a marvelous, mysterious thing: a drama of real passion written in a stark, puritan style”
The Guardian, UK
“It has an erotic tug and tow, too, drawing on both the body and the imagination as sites of unlimited sensuous wealth”
The Guardian, UK
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Knives In Hens

Knives in Hens
By David Harrower
Author of Exile’s critically acclaimed Blackbird

Added 10pm Performance! Saturday March 3rd!

Enter a remote and secluded world where three lives are about the collide. An immersive theatrical event that invites audiences into a starlit wooded landscape crafted in our intimate Studio X by acclaimed designer Thom Weaver.

Please Be Advised: Due to the nature of this production, seating is non-traditional and extremely limited. Late seating is not available. This venue is structured environmentally and we suggest you wear stable footwear.

Starring Ross Beschler, Emilie Krause and Jered McLenigan.

Directed by Brenna Geffers

Honorary Producer Louis Bluver

Studio X - 1340 S. 13th St. (corner of 13th and Reed streets)
Feb 9 - Mar 4